HSO was founded on the 28th of January 2011 by Snowy Leopard as a clan for Call of Duty: Black Ops, under the name "Hardcore Snipers Only". Not long after the clan was founded, the HSO sniper only server in CoD:BO became quite popular, and as a direct result, the clan started growing. By the end of the Black Ops 1 era the clan had grown quite a lot, and the core of the clan started to get closer and closer.

On top of this, Modern Warfare 3 turned out to be a big dissappointment, so eventually we decided it was best to convert to a community, since this form factor was way more fitting for the state the clan was in: we still gamed together, but it was no longer about just one game, and it was much more about the fun we had together. With this, the name was changed to Heavily Simplified Ops, keeping the abbreviation but changing the meaning. Due to the friendship we developed, we became a close group of friends rather than a gaming clan.

Since January 2016 we decided we wanted to grow larger as a community and started with creating a CS:GO community lead by Philopher, shortly after that a Diablo III community was started by Snowy Leopard.


All donations will be used to pay for our server(s)

Teamspeak 3